Home telemedicine


You can call our main line 972-230-8881 during office hours 8:30 am-5 pm. In addition, during office hours or after hours, you can log on to our website and click on the tab on the toolbar labeled REQUEST TELEMEDICINE APPOINTMENT to request an appointment or for our established patient just click on the patient portal for your current issue or concern.

One of the most frequent questions is “WILL IT COST ME EXTRA?” - NO, it is almost always covered by Insurance. It is HIPPA compliant and a private video encounter with your providers at Quality Care Health Clinics.

Currently, thanks to our government we can offer telemedicine to anyone in the country - there are no state boundaries. Please share this with your loved ones, family and friends. Under our current health crisis, we are available because many physicians do not have this technology and may only have hours during the day.


  • Internet access
  • Smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer with a camera.
  • Having the ability to participate in a video visit in privacy.


  • No need to travel to and from the office.
  • No exposure to sick patients.
  • No need to miss work.
  • No need to schedule childcare.
  • Greater access to Quality Care Health Clinics Providers.
  • More flexible appointment times, including some evenings and weekends.